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This Message Going Viral is Every PhD Student’s Thought


Finding it hard to get down to work? Do you think you are procrastinating too much? You are not alone. Setting a time limit within which to complete a specific task could often prove to be troublesome. The same is the case with this PhD student who is finding it impossible to focus. But then he came up with a solution which has gone viral on social media. A photo of a note from a “terrible procrastinator” asking others not to start a discussion with him has gone viral.

Uploaded by Twitter user Steve Bingham, the message, which is printed in capital letters, reads, “Please do not talk to me. I am doing my PhD work and if you speak to me, I will not stop because I am a terrible procrastinator! Email if needed. Thank you.” Have a look:

According to Twitter, Bingham is a PhD Candidate himself at the University of Leeds and also a Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Nottingham Business School. The image has managed to gather 8.8K likes. “I need this stapled to my forehead,” wrote a Twitter user. Another person wrote, “I’m a terrible procrastinator.” Here are a few reactions:

Would you take up this technique of avoiding procrastination?

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