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Can A Stethoscope Identify Breathing Issues

With every doctor carrying a stethoscope with them, no doubt it has become an iconic medical doctor symbol. For decades, doctors have been carrying around their necks and pockets. In life, we all have had an experience with it. 

But have you always wondered what it does? Does it really identify breathing issues? What do doctors really hear? Well, to help you with all your queries, here is everything you need to know about a stethoscope and how it helps. 

What do Doctors Listen to from a Stethoscope? 

Stethoscopes are medical devices used by doctors to hear sounds of the internal body. The doctors listen for the normal frequency range associated with each internal sound. With the new advancements in technologies, these days doctors can hear the sound while viewing your heart rate at the same time. However, these days there are different types of stethoscopes available, each having its own features. 

Do Stethoscopes Identify Breathing Issues? 

Wondering if breathing issues can be identified using a stethoscope? Well, yes these help check various breathing issues such as wheezing or irregular breaths. The doctors mainly ask patients to take a deep breath in and within minutes of listening they can hear for abnormalities. Here is what doctors hear through a stethoscope :

  • A wheezing noise indicates asthma. 
  • A crackling noise from the lungs indicates pneumonia, bronchitis or pulmonary oedema. 
  • A low gurgling sound indicates rhonchi. 

What other Sounds can be Heard through a Stethoscope? 

In addition to identifying breathing issues, a stethoscope can also be used to hear other sounds such as heart sounds, lung sounds, bowel sounds and more. To help you better understand, here is what other sounds that can be heard:


  • Using a stethoscope, doctors can hear heart sounds such as the heartbeat or lub-dub. Other heart sounds include whooshing sounds known as heart murmurs. 
  • Using a stethoscope, doctors can hear lung sounds such as light rattling known as crackles.  
  • Using a stethoscope, doctors can hear bowel sounds such as gurgling or knocking noises. 

What are the Different Types of Stethoscopes? 

Talking about stethoscopes, there are many different types available, including :

  • Digital stethoscopes help in recording the sounds a person hears. 
  • Basic stethoscopes for general examination purposes to hear body cavity or outside the chest sounds.
  • Pediatrics stethoscope for children to hear sounds of the upper chest. 
  • Cardiology stethoscope to hear sounds of hearts and lungs. 
  • Adult stethoscope to hear sounds of both the chest and the back.
  • Anatomical stethoscope to hear sounds of the heart, bony structures like joints and lung problems like breath sounds. 
  • Dual head stethoscopes to hear different frequencies. 
  • Radiology stethoscope. 

What is the most Used Stethoscope? 

Because stethoscopes provide vital information it is very important to choose the one with the best functions and features. Wondering which is the most used stethoscope? It is the Littmann classic iii stethoscope. It is a high monitoring device best used for clinical monitoring of pediatric patients and other patients too.

It offers high acoustic sensitivity and is used by professional students to listen to the sound of the heart, lungs and other body parts. Since this device is an important part of becoming a doctor, nurse or physician, always remember to choose the best ones like the Littmann stethoscope. 

How to Identify Between a Fake and a Genuine Littmann Stethoscope?

A Littmann stethoscope is a device that offers everything you’re looking for. Popular globally, these are designed to be used worldwide and offer a wide range of benefits. The Littmann Stethoscope has been used since the 18th century and has come with many advancements. However these days, many people are selling fake products. So wondering how you can tell the difference between a fake and genuine Littmann stethoscope? Here is how you can spot the difference :

  1. Listen to the Difference 

To spot the difference between a fake and genuine Littmann stethoscope, the first thing you can do is hear the sound quality. Each stethoscope is precisely designed and manufactured to a strict procedure. They go through strict quality controls to ensure a consistently high calibre of sound performance. Remember genuine littmann stethoscopes provide enhanced acoustics due to their cutting-edge technologies. So if you get a stethoscope with a low sound quality and an acoustic, then skip as it is not a real one. 

  1. Look for the Difference 

Another way how you can spot the difference is by looking at the Littmann stethoscope. A genuine one’s tubing often hangs straight and flexes smoothly. You’ll also find a variety of chest parts to match your taste. However, on the other hand, a fake stethoscope comes with stiff tubing and can bend or kink easily. As a result, if you find the device difficult to use for diagnosis, know that it is a fake one. 

  1. Feel the Difference 

Another way to spot the difference is by feeling when you use it. Stethoscopes are designed with soft sealing, and snap-tight ear tips, offering comfort to both you and your patients. They also come with non-chill bell sleeves and ear tips slide easily into the ears. However, if you find a stethoscope that isn’t comfortable to wear and doesn’t stay put into your ears, remember, that it is not the right product. 

Use High-Quality Instruments at the Best Price 

At Medguard we are the leading providers/suppliers of the best Littmann classic iii stethoscope. From comfort, and acoustic to performance, you can completely rely on our products for treating patients. We have a wide range of stethoscopes to cater to different needs of the industry, be it doctors, medical students or nurses. 

The best part is that these stethoscopes come in different sizes and colours to meet every individual’s needs. You can order. both in small as well as bulk quantities. For years we have been serving clients and have never failed in our service. Our products are of top quality and you can rest assured you’ll get the best product for your value.  


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