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Digital marketing growth

Digital marketing growth

Digital Marketing:

Digital Marketing is the promotion of your products, services or your brand with the help of Digital Channels and Internet.

In other way: It is the advanced marketing or computerized Marketing of your products, services or your brand with the assistance of Digital channels and Internet.

You’ll clearly understand In this article, how DM is important for every business.

Digital Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Digital marketing (DM) has completely diverged from the traditional marketing, it is drastically growing day by day.

Since 2000, It is changing the way brands and business is progressively adopting digital techniques for their regular marketing activities. Because traditional marketing is not much effective way now as it used to be 5-10 years ago.

You can clearly understand by looking at the above difference how traditional marketing is expensive way of marketing compare to digital.

Why most of the business are switching from tradition to Digital Marketing?

The major considerable points are – Cost effective & real-time accuracy. Using digital media for marketing gives you the real-time accuracy of data, the amount spent, return on your investment etc. And also it is completely measurable.

Companies major objective of using DM is to engage with their existing customers to continue using their brand, products or services by updating them with their regular products & service information using different digital channels.

Many of the companies or brands also upgrading their brick-and-mortar business marketing and adopting DM strategies due to change in evolution and modern technologies.

Because people started using more digital gadgets and devices for their convenience and dislike greatly to visit even shops near to them.

They want to access product/service information from any time and location they want. So, by considering these changes, companies or brand also started to acquire prospective new customers towards their business using digital channels such as Search engine, Website, Social Media, E-mail Marketing, through mobile apps etc.,

Promotion is extremely essential for any brand to make sure that product gains market from the long-term even.

DM targeting audiences throughout the internet and isn’t just limited to internet. it also includes mediums like smartphones, SMS/MMS and digital banners.

When compared to traditional marketing, DM helps at getting a large number of consumers with a low budget.


Business is big or small that doesn’t matter. Plan your DM activities, set your budget and do a little bit of background research about your competitor’s products/services and play all around with digital tools to explore the most effective way of marketing.

Advertisers get an awesome custom (target) audience with minimal effort and are even easier now using digital media channels which are significantly more powerful in an acquisition.


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