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How to keep your credit card safe while shopping?

In the digital era, people are more inclined towards online shopping. They use the best credit cards, which give them value and rewards. Meanwhile, conservative shoppers often swap their credit cards in different shops without considering the risks involved. 

Nowadays, there are a lot of cases of cybercrime whereby cardholders lose money online or offline to hackers without knowing. So, one must take proper care and caution to keep their card safe. 

Let us see some ways to help you keep your credit card safe and shop smartly. 

● Using cards on trustworthy websites:

Lucrative Credit card offers are all around on different websites. Those websites lacking credibility may create enough nuisance for credit card users. Do not put details of the credit cards on the random website. Writing the website URL and checking before plunging in for any shopping with the best credit card is better. Often, fraud websites are so well designed that shoppers fall prey to them. You should check whether it starts with https://. This indicates the safe and encrypted data on the website. Trusted websites have a review segment; check the reviews before putting details of the credit card for any shopping.

●  Don’t open any link sent through email or WhatsApp message:

Clicking on the link from an email or WhatsApp message should be strictly avoided. First, check whether the merchant has any recognition. You should check separately from the merchant’s website about the offers. Do not click the link directly for shopping even though the merchant is well-known. It can prevent you from a cyber-attack. Different fraud activities happen where the logos and the websites are designed similarly to attract customers. A prudent decision is to go to a direct website other than via mail or WhatsApp message and place the order.

●  Avoid public wi-fi:

The chance of using public wi-fi has recently been reduced as people are more concerned about data security. But a naïve credit card user can place an order using public wi-fi. They should know the red flags of using public wi-fi. Often, the information gets stored in the public wi-fi. Hence, it becomes easier for fraudsters to gain access to private information.

●  Credit card information should be erased:

While shopping from the app or the registered website, it is better not to save credit card information online. The process could take time to check the card and place the details. But this way, there will be no chance of identity theft.

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●  Work on the added layer of security:

While purchasing online through credit cards, one can look for the option to add an extra layer of security to their cards. This ensures a safe environment for their shopping. Credit card users should check for the options and avail of the best one for adding an extra layer of security.

● A credit card comes with a security alert:

Cardholders should set up two-factor authentication. This way, if someone gets hold of your card, they cannot easily access it. While shopping, two-factor authentication works well. In addition, one should install the anti-virus on their device where the shopping happens mostly. Adding anti-virus will create another layer of protection while shopping from the website. Users receive automatic alerts if the website is not trustworthy. One should also keep track of their device and the mobile phone to be alert if any fraud happens.

● Contact the bank immediately after any fraud alert:

Users should keep the bank’s customer care number handy when they are doing online shopping from credit cards. If any fraud is identified, the user should contact the bank immediately to stop any further transactions on their credit card. This also applies when someone loses the card. The card should be blocked in case of loss and theft.

●  PIN and Password:

Users should know that their PIN and password are the most crucial asset in terms of the best credit card. Changing the PIN from time to time is the best option to keep it safe. The PIN should not be a random selection. Password set for online banking should be given the same importance. It should be a hard one to guess. Sharing passwords and PINs with anyone should be avoided for shopping.

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Shopping with the best credit card is an exhilarating option with many reward points if handled deftly. Credit card information is sensitive; hence, users should know how to manage their credit cards for online shopping. The points mentioned in this article can help you safeguard your credit card from fraud. So, be aware of the suggestions. 

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