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Catch On at Some Eye-catching Products in George Town Market


If you’re on a vacation in Chennai, shopping at George Town is a must-do activity. George Town is one of Chennai’s most prominent and bustling commercial districts. When tourists shops at this Chennai hub, which retains a lot of its traditional atmosphere, they feel as if they are taking the memorable stuff of the lovely city to their home. Navigate the maze of stores and fill your bags to the brim with different unique items. This market’s great offerings and cheap prices will tempt even the most thrifty shopper to buy more!

Catch on these 4 best things you would love to buy at George Town Market:

Colourful bangles

George Town Market’s speciality street is known for a wide variety of bangles for all age groups. There are several bangle designs made of metal, wood, clay, stone, glass, and plastic. It’s a busy street but looks bright and colourful at night.

A variety of bangle styles are available in metal, wood, clay, stone, glass, and plastic here.

Instruments and accessories

South Indian or Carnatic music instruments, a large range of musical instruments, and accessories can be easily found in Chennai. If you’re looking to buy an instrument, learn an instrument, or you’re in a band and need to replace your equipment, George Town has a lot of stores that can help you find what you’re searching for.


Kanjeevaram silk

Women love wearing rich and beautiful Kanjeevaram sarees. Each and every bride aspires to have at least one silk saree in her wardrobe. Although silk sarees are widely available, only the original Kanjeevaram varieties can be found in George Town Market. Don’t forget to check the additional textures and fabrics that are offered here.

George Town Market
Even though silk sarees are readily accessible, George Town Market only carries the authentic Kanjeevaram variants.

Unique gifts and toys:

Whether you are married and have a child or you are a teenager doesn’t matter, explore the distinct collection of unique and fun toys in George Town Market, which has a special street designated just for it. The shops along this street are also ideal for souvenir and gift shopping since they provide a wide selection of imported goods such as plush dolls, artistic toys, trinkets, accessories, and much more.

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