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Take Note Of These 4 Trends In Haircare


With increasingly hectic schedules and constantly being on the go, there are a multitude of lifestyle choices and changes that result in various hair related issues. Haircare solutions enveloped with wellness benefits like hair strengthening and growth, nourishment and maintaining a healthy scalp is the need of the hour.

Whether you’ve been spending too much time with your flat iron or you’re shampooing more than usual, hair has a unique way of telling us when something is not right. Every head comes with its own unique set of problems, but no matter what the issue, the ultimate goal is healthy hair and a dedicated scalp care routine.

What typically goes unnoticed is that the scalp plays a major role in complete haircare, and it needs to be looked after, the right way.

Oiling and exfoliation are imperative to maintain scalp health and balance; and investing in a combination of naturally derived ingredients and the backing of science will undoubtedly go a long way in enhancing and retaining scalp strength.

Teena Adarkar, Scientist, Pureplay Skin Sciences, says, “With ‘skinification of hair’ gaining more prominence, ingredients like Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid which have predominantly been used in skincare, are now finding their way into the haircare game as well. These highly beneficial ingredients help protect your hair and also provide the right amount of nourishment and shine that it truly deserves.”

Products that solve a singular hair concern are no longer sufficient. Consumers are on the lookout for self-care products that not only have a purpose but also seamlessly bring in additional wellness.

Consequently, efficacy and added benefits is what one should be after while opting for hair products. What gains the trust of the consumer today are haircare products which deliver long-lasting results and alleviate sensorial experience.

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