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How Personalized Kraft Boxes Make a Statement

In the packaging industry, plastic is the second most used material. At first, cardboard was considered a product, but all that doesn’t matter if plastic is used. The reason is that plastic takes hundreds of years to decompose. Moreover, it can be said that the plastic used years ago is still present on earth and is destroying the environment. In this situation, cardboard and kraft packaging comes to the rescue.   Kraft boxes   are eco-friendly and somehow heal the environment destroyed by plastic. The use of plastic must be reduced and recycled materials increased. This is clearly how Kraft boxes assert themselves.

Availability of kraft paper color classifications

When we hear kraft boxes and custom product Boxes, we only think of brown boxes but that’s not all. Kraft paper has a few additional classifications, making them accessible to all businesses. However, this paper is naturally brown, but its color can be changed through the bleaching process.

1.   Paper kraft brown

The natural color of the paper is dark brown and can easily be lightened using chemical processes. Additionally, natural materials have impurities on the surface, but then discolor and fade. Due to bleaching, its strength will be reduced, requiring more security to protect the product. This is why it is considered to use kraft paper to ensure product safety. However, there is more:   wholesale kraft brown box design ideas   have a wide range of customers. Reviews single them out as a competitor in the market.

2.   Black kraft paper

After the bleaching process, kraft paper can be made into a few colors like black. But here’s one thing: this category of paper is generally used for backgrounds. Have you ever wondered how a mannequin’s backdrop can be so smooth and even on all sides? So this black kraft paper is the reason for all this. This gives a smooth finish to the images and the appearance of the image is really good. Additionally, this can be used for more elements like banners etc.

3.   One side smooth kraft paper box

In today’s world, kraft packaging has entered the market and is being transformed by all other brands. So, one of the categories of kraft paper is single-sided smooth paper. In this packaging, one side of the paper is whitened and smooth, which does not allow impurities to appear and vice versa. This is also considered a good thing because people can see a smooth side when opening, but the security remains the same since the other side is still natural. The smooth side can be easily used for   printing designs on kraft boxes   .

Types of Kraft packaging

After discussing color classifications, it’s time to move on to its types. There are a few types that will be discussed here to help identify them easily.

Blank Kraft Paper

You must be wondering what kind of packaging this is, right? So let’s see, virgin kraft paper is made from wood pulp and is harvested naturally. This paper turns into brown paper with the impurities and other processes take place. This paper is not very thick, which could be questioned, but it remains the most prestigious packaging material. This packaging is designed to overcome obstacles during shipping and is the ideal packaging for heavy products. If you adopt this packaging for shipping, it will be unique and considered an   eco-friendly shipping solution  .

Mixed kraft paper (mixed)

  1. Blended gives an idea of ​​this packaging category. This paper is made from different kinds of paper and is called mixed kraft paper. This material is a mixture of virgin and recycled kraft paper. As it is a blend, it is more environmentally friendly thanks to the addition of recycled materials.

Recycled kraft paper

  1. This is another category considered a high quality material. This one is made from cardboard, unused books and kraft materials, making it recyclable. This is a truly reliable type of kraft paper. In other words, we can    also call it  green packaging  . Saving the environment is our responsibility and must be done with heart. But this type of packaging cannot support heavy products because it has low strength due to recycling.

Kraft paper box designs

Packaging manufacturers can give you hundreds of reasons to use that specific material for your product. They are aware of the advantages of this packaging. From bags to boxes, this material can be used for all items. We can also say that it is versatile. Wholesale custom packaging offers a variety of design options. Let’s go ahead and see the designs to present your product to the world:


Food boxes:

One of the most reliable food packaging is this excellent paper packaging.   Custom kraft boxes   include a variety of options and food boxes are a perfect explanation of this. This material is used to design takeout and salad boxes because they can hold food more securely. They prevent moisture and bacteria from entering the product. Salad boxes should have a window cut out so people can prevent salad from falling out of the box. Additionally, they can be designed with flaps to further secure the product. Additionally, food benefits from   eco-friendly packaging   that can at the same time preserve the environment.

Gift boxes :

Kraft gift packaging   is customizable and has the advantage of attracting people’s attention. If you are planning to give someone a gift, make sure to  get  kraft boxes with window packaging  . These boxes can be designed in any shape, size and style, it’s up to the designer. For gifts, any category can be used but for extra attention, a smooth box on one side will be perfect. Large kraft boxes should have dividers to secure products separately.

Jewelry packaging:

Jewelry is usually stored and delivered in boxes with forming, but for small artificial jewelry, kraft boxes are best. The product is secured in a polythene bag then put into these kraft boxes for better security during shipping. To ship the goods comfortably, kraft boxes are there to help you and supervise the products. This packaging also allows   personalized packaging with branding solutions  . It then becomes easy for customers to identify the product they have ordered.


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